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Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Crash! Boom! Your life has just been changed by someone distracted on the road, intoxicated, speeding, or engaging in some other negligent act. Luckily, you live to tell the story. Whether your injury is a lifelong, dull lower back ache or a catastrophic loss of limb or body function, you deserve to be compensated. Yes, you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering, lost time from work, medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and out of pocket expenses.

If you are involved in an accident, you should immediately seek medical attention. Often, people do not realize that they have been seriously injured until the next day, when the pain and stiffness finally sets in. As soon as you recognize you have been injured – get medical attention!

The insurance company for the person causing the accident will go to work immediately to investigate, and may seek you out for a recorded statement about what happened. Ultimately, your own recorded statement may ultimately be used against you. It’s best to get an attorney once you have sought the necessary medical attention. Let us make contact with the insurance company for you.

It may be very confusing as to what to do when involved in an accident. Here are a few tips:

  • Be certain that you obtain the insurance and contact information from the person at fault.
  • Cellular phone cameras are the best inventions since sliced bread! If you are able, take photographs of the accident scene, or preferably, have someone else you know to do it for you. Take photos of all vehicles involved from every angle, including a photo that includes the vehicle’s tag so that it will be properly identified. Also, take photos of any skid marks or scattered car parts to reflect distance from the point of impact.
  • Take photographs of your own injuries, including burns or injuries from the seat belt or a deployed airbag.
  • Do not move any crashed car parts until law enforcement arrives. After taking photos, direct your towing company to gather and save the scattered parts.
  • If the other vehicle is towed away, jot down the name of the towing company and find out where the vehicle is being towed. You may need additional pictures or an inspection of the other wrecked vehicle later.
  • Get the name of the reporting officer on the scene and be cooperative. If you believe that you are being ticketed and you were not at fault, let the officer know your position, but do not argue with them. Let your attorney know that you dispute the ticket. You will have your day in court regarding the ticket.
  • If you are not at fault or fault is questionable, do not give unnecessary polite apologies at the scene as those statements may be used against you. If your vehicle is in a safe location and you recognize an immediate injury to yourself, stay seated in your vehicle until emergency care arrives. Avoid driving yourself to the hospital, especially if you have sustained a head injury.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident and do not allow the at-fault driver to convince you that they will pay for your repairs or that you should settle the matter amongst yourselves.
  • Contact our office as soon as possible so that we may get started guiding you through the process!

Generally, the deadline to file a lawsuit against someone in South Carolina for causing an injurious accident is three years from the date of the accident – possibly only two years if the government is the at-fault party. You should try and get your claim settled once you have completed your treatment and reached maximum improvement. Typically, this is determined by the date you’re released from doctor’s care. Never wait more than the time limit or statute of limitations to pursue your case, as your rights to seek compensation may be gone forever.

We will start working on your claim on the first day that we meet. Let us assist you!